GeoSHAPE screenshot

Project Details

We are the architect and implementers of this free and open-source geospatial platform. It is designed for collaboration on collection and sharing of geospatial data in both connected and disconnected environments. It has both web and mobile applications which use OGC standards to promote interoperability with other systems. This project was originally funded by the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of State for use in disaster scenarios but it is currently utilized in a wide range of domains. We are actively developing GeoSHAPE and it has been deployed at the United Nations, NGA, SOUTHCOM, FEMA equivalents in a few countries, and numerous organizations. It is designed to work in fully disconnected environments powered by a sophisticated datastore called Geogig which was inspired by git/github. It allows for workflows with vector data not currently possible in any other GIS platform and it will be used by more agencies in the coming years.

  • Client US Government
  • Completed on Ongoing
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