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Why UX?

“Every dollar spent on UX brings in between $2 and $100 dollars in return.”

- Fast Company

  • Reduce downline product development costs
  • Drive market share and revenue
  • Increase customer loyatly
  • Build a product customers’ love and recommend to their friends

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is User Research So Important?

When we work based on assumptions or just our own experiences, we often fail to notice what the user experience could be like for our users. This means we can easily miss opportunities to improve our service or product to meet their needs - ultimately resulting in lost revenue.

How does one justify the business case for UX?

Ahh, we’ve heard this one before. Unfortunately not everyone believes that investing in UX is worthwile, but lets be honest with each other - UX is what separates a poor business from a successful one.

Take for example, a user who encounters a negative experience with your product or company. It is likely that he or she won’t forgive and will never come back. This equates to lost content and conversion opportunities, distrust, lost user retention, and ultimately a hit on your bottom line. The first impression is the last impression here, so you have to be very careful!

How can we mitigate the risk of a poor experience? You guessed it! Through UX. Clearly understanding why customers come to your site and what they need benefits both the business and audience. It allows us to provide an optimized user experience that provides true value.

How does a UX Designer fit into my team?
There are different approaches to working with a UX Designer and each is dependent on myriad of project-specific factors. The UX Designer must wear many hats: they must work very closely with product managers to understand requirements and business intent; with developers and testers to ensure everything is implemented according to the UX specifications; with stakeholders to defend the user experience and to move the needle in the right direction (what the user needs v.s. what the stakeholder wants).
Does UX yield a positive return on investment?

Absolutely! The exact ROI is hard to quantify since each product has different metrics, but the general rule of thumb in organizations that routinely focus on improving UI/UX is that every dollar returns $10-$100! But, don’t just take our word for it, see what Forbes has to say about it.

How long does it take?
Time spent on UX is variable. Each project is unique and will have a different set of constraints, scope, and problem to solve.
How does investing UX make my life easier?
The benefits of good UX can be realized across all areas of a company or product lifecycle. By understanding your business and users, decision-making is dramatically simplified because the guesswork is taken out of the equation.

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Accelerate your growth today!

It takes 30 seconds to get started. We will be there to guide you every step of the way.