Our work.

We’ve helped numerous clients change and grow by building great apps, products and services. We’re proud to share this small sample work we’ve done through the years.


StatEngine is a real-time open source data analytics and visualization platform for public safety organizations.

NASA / James Webb Space Telescope

Our contributions help NASA monitor the telescope and see where it is in space. It’s space GIS. WHOA.

The Center for Disease Control

In partnership with the CDC, we help collect cancer data that enables data scientists to predict and decrease cancer outcomes of first responders.

Video & Podcast Streaming

We’ve developed an international audio and video streaming platform for delivering rich content to podcast listerners in difficult to reach and restricted locations.

AR / VR Technologies

We’ve developed facial recognition technologies used to identify and processes individuals in both connected and disconnected environments.

Underwriters Lab

We worked with UL to develop an innovative learning management system to increase firefighter knowledge to reduce injuries and deaths in the fire service and their communities.

Geographic Events Tracking

We've developed and deployed software that utilizes natural language processing and machine learning to extract and analyze significant events from global news. This data provides intelligence by entity, action, time and location.

Machine Learning Search Engine

We’ve leveraged alternative tracking technologies to collect, process, and visualize location information during live sporting events.

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