Our Work.

American Water Logo

Increased efficiency of water infrastructure acquisition by 15x.

Fourkites Logo

Increased infrastructure and application deployments by 10x.

Nasa Logo

Enabled real-time visualization of the James Webb Telescope based on real-time sensor data.

Hawkeye 360 Logo

Improved data processing pipeline performanceby 34,000x.

Hexagon Logo

Automated the processing and validation of large volume of elevation and hydrology data.

Maxar Logo

Enabled AI/ML pipeline for automated object image processing and detection.

Insomniac Games Logo

Enabled denial of access for banned players via an AWS serverless framework.

Army Research Labs Logo

Reduced cost of a 3D visualization program by 58%.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Logo

Enabled vector tile generation, management, and dissemination.

United States Southern Command Logo

Developed open-source facial recognition platform for disaster relief in remote environments.

NFL Logo

Increased training effectiveness and immersion by providing real-time next-gen statistics.

Hawkeye 360 Logo

Automated auditing of open-source software license dependencies.

Action Against Hunger Logo

Improved process for international survey data collection and management.

National Institute of Standards and Technology Logo

Provided IT support for 7000 users across mobile and desktop devices and operating systems.

Octo Consulting Logo

Enabled simplified workflow for searching, processing, visualizing, and deploying geospatial data.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Logo

Enabled disparate source search, retrieval, and visualization of extremely large data sets.

Maxar Logo

Contributed to automated nightly updating of global coastline vector data using operational imagery sources.

Mantis Net Logo

Reduced technical barrier to reconfigure hardware appliance.

Raytheon Logo

Enabled force tracking and reporting in austere environments.

U.S. Department of State Logo

Integrated a tunneling solution for connection in areas of the world where internet is censored.

Mapstory Logo

Enabled crowdsourcing and visualization of world changes over time and space.

PersuMedia Logo

Enabled processing and advanced data science AI/ML analysis of open-source media.

Federal Aviation Administration Logo

Performed assessment and risk mitigation of a critical geospatial platform.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Logo

Significantly decreased complexity of finding, processing, deploying, and visualizing geospatial data.

NewtonX Logo

Modernized and migrated 70+ applications to Google Cloud Platform.

Kinetica Logo

Enabled 2D & 3D visualization of oil well telemetry data.

Underwriters Laboratories Logo

Enabled valuable training content and insight into course progress via learning management system.

WTH Technology Logo

Modernized geospatial platform and integrated with other critical systems.

Hawkeye 360 Logo

Enabled the discovery and purchasing of geospatial data sets.

Geonode Logo

Enabled collaborative real-time map-based editing and visualization.

United Nations Logo

Enabled geospatial capabilities, data collection, monitoring, and reporting in austere environments.

U.S. Department of State Logo

Provided a platform for voice of minorities in oppressive parts of the world.

Bristow Helicopters Logo

Supported geospatial capabilities for a real-time platform.

Hitachi Logo

Enable and support geospatial capabilities across various efforts.

International Public Safety Data Institute Logo

Reduced rejection of health care coverage for firefighters due to exposure to hazardous material.

International Association of Fire Fighters Logo

Migrated geospatial capabilities to the cloud and enabled the remote geospatial processing.

Hawkeye 360 Logo

Expanded capabilities through the implementation of a custom ESRI ArcGIS extension.

United States Department of Health and Human Services Logo

Decreased onboarding time of new developer by 20x and cloud infrastructure costs 3x.

Maxar Logo

Reduced time needed to deploy to operating environment by 96%.

New York State Logo

Enabled geocoding of 750,000 records per minute using open source solutions

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Logo

Enabled integration of dynamic capabilities for mobile situational awareness.

Noblis Logo

Developed a platform for open source life cycle and sustainability assessment tool.

United States Army Corps of Engineers Logo

Provided geospatial expertise for test and evaluation.

U.S. Department of State Logo

Enabled an open channel for tracking and reporting systemic corruption.

Fourkites Logo

Increased platform performance by 10x

U.S. Army Geospatial Center Logo

Enabled mobile data collection and visualization in connected and disconnected environments.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Logo

Contributed to the integration of a wide range of sensors into a unified view.

International Public Safety Data Institute Logo

Increased fire department performance, while reducing human health and property risk for thousands of communities.

Hawkeye 360 Logo

Automated detection of maritime anomalies.

Kinetica Logo

Enabled visualization of flight tracks based on AI/ML radar correlated reads.

The Department of Homeland Security Logo

Enabled real-time detection of air and maritime anomalies.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Logo

Integrated a data collection capability into an open-source geospatial platform.

Maxar Logo

Enabled storage and analysis of billions of geospatial-temporal records in near real-time.

NewtonX Logo

Prepared and guided organization for security certifications.

National Institute of Standards and Technology Logo

Developed and commercialized the StatEngine platform to improve safety through real-time data analytics and visualization.

United States Strategic Command Logo

Supported geospatial capabilities through various channels and means.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Logo

Enabled subscription-based delivery of data to users based on countries and geospatial areas.

Planet Federal Logo

Enabled GitHub-inspired collaboration and configuration management of geospatial vector data.

Boundless Geo Logo

Enabled dynamic generation of military compliant map symbology.

U.S. Army Geospatial Center Logo

Created open-source geospatial capabilities in multiple environments for organizations with limited resources.

Geonode Logo

Enabled cataloging and discovery of maps and layers for thousands of organizations worldwide.

Sunrise Logo

Advanced a better understanding of the evolution of institutions and ideas in censored societies.

Maxar Logo

Enabled crowdsourcing to validate, discover, or annotate features of interest in satellite imagery.

Trellis Logo

Increased efficiency by automating processes and reducing infrastructure costs.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Logo

Enabled the collection, archiving, and analysis of open-source media via a custom platform.

Tunecore Logo

Automated the management of over 50 AWS accounts to save about 1 million dollars in costs annually.

Underwriters Laboratories Logo

Enabled sharing of findings and insights, as well as engagement of the fire service.

Valley Forge Fabrics Logo

Provided emergency same-day DevOps and Engineering support.

Hawkeye 360 Logo

Increased software quality and confidence while allowing for faster development and testing.

Maxar Logo

Enabled near real-time analysis and Moving Target Identification (MTI).

Kinetica Logo

Enabled visualization of analytics for natural disaster and world events.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Logo

Created 3D geospatial crowdsourcing game to discover qualitative and quantitative relationships in geospatial terms.

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