Data Analytics & Visualization

Transforming complexity into clarity, leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms

Data Analytics

The primary goal of data analytics is to help increase efficiency and improve performance by discovering patterns in data, revealing trends and metrics that would otherwise be lost in the mass of available information. The Prominent Edge team can help your organization with:

  • Descriptive analytics to help describe what happened
  • Diagnostic analytics to help explain why it happened
  • Predictive analytics to help anticipate what will happen
  • Prescriptive analytics to help suggest a course of action
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Data Visualization

Data visualization is both an art and a science where the goal is to communicate information clearly and succinctly to users. The results of even the best analytics can often be lost or misconstrued by poor or faulty visualizations.

Building effective visualizations that enable users to rapidly uncover anomalies and reach the right conclusions requires a special set of skills. At Prominent Edge, we continually strive to provide concise and effective data visualizations that enable users to interactively explore and navigate their data to understand trends, outliers, and patterns, in order to facilitate rapid insight and informed conclusions.

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Big Data & High Performance Computing

Processing today’s enormous volumes of data at scale requires the use of sophisticated software architectures and high performance distributed computing resources. Prominent Edge selects the optimal approach for your environment, based on factors such as how dynamic or static your data sources are, whether or not your data is being streamed in real-time, the extent to which your source data is structured or unstructured, and so on. We have experience leveraging high performance cloud resources and today’s leading technologies for processing big data, including Spark, Hadoop, Cassandra, Flink, Storm, Elasticsearch and more.

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Data Integration and Modeling

A common challenge facing many organizations is the need to integrate data from multiple distinct sources, each with their own unique data structure, schema, and model. The proper data to support your latest project is available to you, you just don’t know it! We can help you take stock of the data within your organization and implement a practical solution for gathering it automatically into an easily accessible data lake, putting all of your company’s data in one place. We especially have expertise in the following solutions:

  • Cloud native storage solutions in AWS, Google cloud, or Azure.
  • All flavors of relational databases, such as PostgreSQL, Oracle, and SQL Server
  • All flavors of NoSQL databases, such as DynamoDB, Google BigTables, MongoDB, or Neo4j.
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3D Simulation and Gaming

Building effective visualizations and user experience that communicate the right information and allow the users to effectively interact with the visualizations to uncover anomalies and reach the right conclusions requires a special set of skills. The skill sets leverage the right balance of geospatial analysis, data science, cartography, user experience, user interface, backend development, 2D and 3D expertise, as well as understanding of what can be done on the front end.

The geospatial community has primarily relied on 2D visualizations but as 3D has come to the web and gaming platforms readily support Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, the geospatial and 3D visualization communities have had more overlap. We employ engineers with a 3D gaming background who are also both geospatial and web/mobile engineers as well. We develop solutions leveraging technologies such as Cesium3D and the Unity/Unreal Engines.

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Other services.

Need more than just Analytics and Visualization? We offer a full range of other services, including:

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DevOps & Automation

We automate development processes that power fast and reliable releases, saving you money!

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Web & Mobile

We design and build intuitive, easy-to-use, and scalable solutions for all web and mobile clients.

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User Experience

We build delightful user experiences by taking the time to understand you and your customer's goals.

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Our expert mapping, data visualization, and statistical analysis will meet any GIS need or requirement.

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